Robot Kit – Day Two

We started making tracks

You took two hours to finish your dinner, so it looks like we won’t be doing much else tonight.

I downloaded pygame. I was going to try plugging a joystick into my laptop, then see if I can get Python to see joystick inputs. That’ll be one part of the puzzle to drive the robot by joystick. (I used the 64-bit pygame and pyserial here.)

We’ll see!

I’m still amazed by how far technology has come. When I was a kid not everyone had PCs, and there was a time when PCs alone cost a few thousand bucks. Now kids will get to play with robots. Many things have made robotics cheap: sensors, batteries, computers, microcontrollers, smartphones.

Update: I couldn’t resist. It was late but I was excited to continue so I let you stay up a little longer. You napped earlier anyway so it’s okay.

Oops too long

Rock not included

Just right

How does it work?

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