Welcome! Nice to meet you. Please enjoy some fun stuff made by the ‘lab…

DragonScript Arena (dragonscriptarena.com)

A Javascript programming strategy game and coding club. Teaches students Javascript & Software Engineering. Build your own Dragon A.I.! Imagine Battlebots, but with robot dragons. For Grades 9+.

Featured on: code.org, hourofcode.com, csedweek.org, gamejolt.com, itch.io & Dashiel@youtube

GO Battle Log (gobattlelog.com)

The world’s largest crowd-sourced Pokemon GO PvP battle database. Your personal battle & team analyzer and home of the Anti-Meta Generator 3000.

Featured on: JRskatr@youtube [1, 2], PogoKieng@youtube

Secret Spyno (Install from the Chrome Web Store)

Do you find yourself hopping all over the Internet to check different websites to get your daily (or hourly) news fix? You don’t need to anymore! Spyno brings everything together into one place.

Spyno follows websites, monitors ticket prices, spies homes for sale, tracks weather and almost anything else you train him to do. Think of him as your personal “spy lizard”. This trusty theropod will scour the Internet like a truffle hog to fetch you the latest bites from your favorite websites. He’ll organize them for you into your very own, personal, LIVE newspaper.

Writing Analyzer (writinganalyzer.appspot.com)

Featuring a Stylometry Analyzer powered by the BERT Machine Learning language model.

The demo Stylometry Analyzer was trained to recognize the writing styles of copywriters Gary Halbert and John Carlton. It can be re-trained in under 30 minutes to learn any author’s style, given enough writing samples.

Also includes the usual Readability, Tone and Cadence analyzers.