Robot Kit – Day Five

Here’s Bao with fresh batteries and the new program

I was impressed with how quickly you understood its algorithm.

We had a play date in the afternoon and Bao was an excellent babysitter

Later, I got excited when the CR2025 batteries came in the mail for the IR remote. So we upgraded Bao with IR control. You were a terrible pilot at first, and as you can see, we found out why when you ran away in the middle of playing.

It turned out that you had to go potty. You were a much better pilot after that

I was starting to wonder if we really wanted the tank mode. The tracks kept getting stuck, it ate too much power, it was heavier, and it wasn’t efficient (2 wheels driving 4 wheels, slack in the tracks, etc). The 3-wheeled car was starting to look like a better design. It’s simple like a FWD car, with each motor driving one wheel directly. So we converted Bao to a 3-wheeler tonight and you renamed him to Bawa.

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