Teaser: Makeblock Robot Starter Kit Cellbot + Sensors + shxtty Path Tracking

Well this was fun. Ingredients:

  • Makeblock Bluetooth module
    To execute instructions from smartphone.

  • LG Optimus Dynamic
    Strapped on robot for sensors. WiFi to talk with Mission Control. Bluetooth to control robot.

  • Tornado server
    Runs on PC. Connects to phone via SL4A. Talks with web UI using websockets.

  • Websockets
    To stream sensor data from phone to web UI. Also relays commands from web UI to robot.

  • Web UI
    Basic webpage with Javascript to handle keyboard events and draw things

  • D3.js
    For rendering the accelerometer G-meter (not shown in video)

  • HTML Canvas
    I just used a 2-D grid and rectangles (fillRect) to draw the robot’s snail trail.

  • Physics
    v = d/t; d = v*t
    Estimate distance traveled by robot using motor “velocity” and time.

  • Ye Olde Trigonometry
    To convert bearing + distance traveled to x-y position in room.

You know, this could make a good school project. Lots of applied basic science, math and programming.

I promise to put up details and code in a later post 🙂

(If I forget, please email aaron@secretsciencelab.com and I’ll share everything with you.)

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  1. First thing that came in my mind, to build a different robot with the parts from the starter kit, was a 2 wheeled balancing robot. Ok I would need an IMU sensor as an extra part, but hopefully nothing more. Don’t know if it work without encoders.

    1. That would be fun. I think it could work without encoders. Are you excited about the BB-8 robot they used for Star Wars – the Force Awakens?

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