How to start using NodeMCU for WiFi projects (Goodbye Arduino?)

Ah Arduino. You were my first gateway to making tiny electronic widgets that interact with the world. I’ve played with platforms that range from small and simple to expensive and complex like FPGAs, but nothing beats the cost and ease-of-use of Arduinos for making tiny devices you sprinkle around your home. Until now… See the […]

DIY home automation almost-instant-response WIFI smart switch for < $16 with MQTT

Parts list: AC/DC 12V 15W 1.25A “LED light strip” power supply – $2.33 Mini-360 DC/DC step down converter 4.75V-23V to 1V-17V – $0.62 Cactus Micro (Rev2) – $12(Alternative: D1 mini NodeMCU – $3.73, but my instructions below are for Cactus Micro) Relay – $0.60 Total: $15.55 ($7.28 if you go with the mini NodeMCU) WARNING!!! […]