Robot Kit – Day Four

“I want to call it a Sister Kit, not a Starter Kit.”

Its name is now Bow (as in Bow-wow). And it’s a girl.

Batteries are still charging. Meanwhile, I showed you the code and the instruction “Forward”. We’re learning how to “teach” the robot how to do things by sending it instructions. The first thing we’ll do is show it how to go forward. You said, “And then we’ll teach it to spin.” Good idea. Then I was thinking of teaching it how to use its “eyes” so it spins when you put your hand in front of it. Then maybe we’ll load the ultrasonic obstacle-avoidance program.

It’s alive! (Forward only)

New trick (Turn left – but not enough power)

After adding more juice to motors:

Peekaboo mode: “Ultrasonic Car” demo program with Forward() replaced with Stop():

Then we ran out of power 🙁

Update: Somehow I kept tinkering until 5am without batteries, but with the board attached to my computer. I couldn’t move the motors, but I could simulate it by printing to the SoftwareSerial. I added a “handbrake” mode so it pulls the handbrake if it’s stuck or if it gets bored. Then, to start it again, you first have to turn it so it’s no longer facing any obstacle. Then, give it the “Go” signal by waving in front of its eyes.

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